Butterfly Kidz Agency
"Restoring Children through Education, Prevention & Social Service"

Social Service

Butterfly Kidz Agency-Social Service is a not-for-profit service to children and their familes, our mission is to restore children through education, social service and prevention.
  1. Fashion Show
    Our children participate in our annual fashion shows to promote healthy self-esteem and leadership as they impact their identity.
  2. Butterfly Kidz Christmas
    Butterfly Kidz Christmas, "GO FUND ME" account. give-a-gift to a special child this is done through private donors. This will encourage and build-up self-esteem, love and sharing.
  3. Education Tuition
    Tuition money is raised through donations for childcare and college students through private donors.
  4. Family Resources/Crisis
    Our family resource gives resources to children and their families; pampers, wipes, utility, rent and food assistance for the purpose of family restoration.
  5. Prevention
    Prevention is addressed through research, literacy education and foster care.
  6. Advocacy
    We advocate for our children in the school system, social service, government and where there is a need to protect children's rights.
  7. Family Empowerment Summit
    Children, family & friends come together annually for family; fun, innovation, empowerment and networking with those in the community, leaders, teachers, parents, etc. for the purpose of family conservation.
  8. Inspiration Tools
    Parents are given tools of hope through literature and blogs and inspiring words of encouragement and prayer.
  9. Butterfly Kidz Family Transit
    Coming! A transportation service for children and families to clinics, hospitals, schools and human service appointments through Medicaid.